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Multifocal and Foldable Lens Implants

Multifocal and toric Lenses

An advanced Technique for Cataract Recovery with Multifocal and toric Multifocal lens implants are considered as an expensive yet exciting technology. They are mainly designed to reduce the dependence over glasses comparable to when you had a standard single focused lens implant.

Why use Multifocal and toric?

When you have been diagnosed with cataract, you need not overly concerned as it is one of the common eye issues. Every year in India, millions of people are getting treatment for cataract surgery. Thanks to the advanced surgical technology and procedures, cataract surgery is not just one of the commonly carried out surgical procedures in India, but it is also one of the most successful and safest surgical procedures which you can have. Cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and typically requires less hours from beginning till end. Nowadays, the cataract surgeons offer the option of multifocal lens implant.

The multifocal lens implant offers exceptional vision once cataract surgery is performed at a range of distances. Crystalens, ReZoom and ReSTOR are some types of Multifocal lens implants that can be suggested by a cataract surgeon.

Multifocal and toric is the first progressive presbioptic foldable intraocular lens for micro-incision and small cataract surgery, which is a new choice for patients that are manufactured out of the purest and finest monomers in the world. Patients who are currently enjoying progressive glasses, binocular vision or contact lenses with one eye far and one eye near are suitable candidates for cataract surgery having an implementation of intraocular lens implants.

How Multifocal and toric works?

The Multifocal and toric makes use of 3 separate yet complementary optical principles, including refraction, apodization and diffraction to acquire satisfactory far and near visual acuity. The refractive portion of optic operates like standard IOL, having optic periphery dedicated to distance vision as well as designed to optimize the night vision if the pupil dilates during scoptic conditions.


These lenses are FDA approved and very safe for intraocular use. These lenses once implanted do not expire, they outlive the patients.


The complication of the multifocal lens implants is similar to that of conventional monofocal IOLs. Glare, Haloes, Slight number may return for smaller prints.

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