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Refractive Cataract Surgery







Successfully eliminate the need for prescription eyeglasses with full vision correction.

Bring Your World Into Focus

IRIS Eye Care is privileged to serve and offer personalized, one-on-one care to every patient. We provide quality medical attention through sound advice and responsible diagnoses and procedures. Get in touch to schedule your appointment.

Advanced Diagnostic Services


We have the latest and most advanced eye examination and diagnostic equipments to help us diagnose and improve your most important sense.



We have a qualified team of ophthalmologists & optometrists. Our Specialized doctors talk to you & your family to learn about your eye problems and then prescribe you the right procedure or medicine, while making sure each patient is fully informed throughout the process.

Accredited by NABH


Is one of Pune’s few NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) accredited multi speciality eye centre. Better quality care, patient safety, regular evaluation of quality standards etc. are many such benefits of NABH accreditation.



We deliver outstanding results while helping you minimize your personal investment and creating the best suitable treatment plan for your needs.

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Eye Surgeon
Dr. Sameer Potnis


IRIS Eye Care an Advanced Surgical Multispecialty Eye Centre, incepted in the year 2010, is the brainchild of

Dr. Sameer Potnis (MBBS, DNB, FCPS, DOMS), having extensive experience in treating injuries, diseases & deformities of the human eye. Expertise in utilizing scientific methods to solve complex problems with 20+ years of experience in comprehensive eye care.

Optical Coherence Tomography


Our Services



Cataract surgery is a quick, painless eye surgery to remove a cloudy lens that is causing vision problems.
Enquire about Refractive Cataract Surgery which successfully eliminates the need for prescription eyeglasses with full vision correction.


Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma affects the field of vision so gradually that many patients do not realize the problem until it is too late. Glaucoma has been called the ‘sneak thief of sight’ since it usually causes blindness without showing any symptoms.


Retinal Services

Serious vision problems can be caused by diseases of the retina, the vitreous, and the optic nerve. Fortunately, most of them can now be successfully treated with modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

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Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lenses provide a safe and effective way to correct vision when used with care and proper supervision. They offer a good alternative to eyeglasses depending on your eyes and lifestyle.

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